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Nothing Special 2020-08-21 13:31   Wess
I first saw u in Sense8 and every time I see you perform, Its always different and unique in your own way.
I love wat u bring to the screen and no matter wat character you play, it always leaves a mark.
I wish I could be like you bt its too late for me now.
I wish I could ever meet you in person & I would love to hold your hands & I want to see in those beautiful tiny kinky eyes of yours...
Happy Birthday in advance..
I wish I could send you a gift bt these days going through a crisis and even if things would be ok, i don't know you address...
take care..always and ever after..
  Nothing Special 7644 2020-08-21 Wess
  7월7일 4 2020-07-07
  관리자님께 7786 2020-05-31
  London 3 2020-05-22 Ruan
  두나 언니!! 3 2020-05-01
  мое восхищение, моя надежда 8028 2020-04-22 Юрий
  Informacion que le puede servir 4 2020-03-11 Franco
  배두나님 안녕하세요. 8379 2020-02-29 이두경
  배두나... 3 2019-12-02 PP
  두나님. 고레에다 감독님의 i wish 를 보셨나요? 4 2019-11-13 감별
  멋져요! 10292 2019-02-05 엄기원
  I'm a big fan of yours 3 2019-01-25 989spct
  배두나씨에게 3 2019-01-13 waba
  빠져버렸습니다 ㅠ^ㅠ 4 2018-12-31 종훈
  그냥 그럴수도 아니면 그렇게 그럴수도 10691 2018-12-28 피콜로
  You are awesome! 10522 2018-11-26 pip1up