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Cherry blossoms at location spot of "Air Doll" 2014-04-05 15:29   hanada
I took new photos of Odaiba Kaihin Park where cherry trees are blooming. It's really looks beautiful! Here are one of the location spot of "Air Doll"(2005, Director Koreeda) performed by Bea Doona. It located near Odaiba Kaihin Park Sta. of "Yurikamome Line"(Monorail) from Shimbashi. In detail, please see another pages as follows.


"Dohiya" will open at May in Korea isn't it? I'm so envious it, I'd like to see it in Japan by all means. Specially, I want to see the landscape of Jeonnam (전남). I can't wait the opening in Japan!
  Cherry blossoms at location spot of "Air Doll" 17706 2014-04-05 hanada
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