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Huge Favor 2015-09-11 16:53   David
Hi! My name's David and I LOVE Cloud Atlas. You are fantastic in it! So I have a favor to ask. I want a tattoo of "Our lives are not our own." from the movie. I'd be honored to use YOUR handwriting as the font. I know this is a big request and am willing to pay for you to write the words for me if needed. I have a self addressed envelope with everything you need but don't know where to send it. Do you have a PO box or something that I can send it to? Getting this done would be a dream come true. Good luck on your next movie!!
  Huge Favor 16540 2015-09-11 David
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  What a performance! 31 2015-06-01
  Hi 16849 2015-05-31 Juste
  사진작가 배두나씨에게 드리는 글 17045 2015-05-24
  안녕하세요. 드맘님 ^^ 이 글을 꼭 읽어주세요. 19 2015-05-16
  쥬피터어센딩 배역을 보고 충고.. 16099 2015-05-10 신라면