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hello~ 2017-07-14 14:11   yiyoohan
Hello! Let me tell you a little bit of myself my name is yi yoohan; I am an american born Korean from Washington DC, and I've been a fan for awhile. Recently I started to binge-watch older shows that you were in, and I guess I would just like to express that I am a big fan haha. I really expected big things for sense8 in 2015, and the same year I watched cloud atlas, this one movie where you were a cop and you were taking care of a little girl, so I really like the roles that you choose to participate in; they really highlight the range of your talent . I just finished the host, and the tunnel; ive also rewatched the first season of sense8 many times waiting for the second season while i was travelling. it was interesting to see korea come out on sense8 because i was studying abroad and living in shinchon at the time. I am back home, and I found out that you're currently doing a drama in Korea, so best of luck! I will check it out!

  hello~ 16903 2017-07-14 yiyoohan
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