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thank you 2021-10-15 04:59   elogan
I discovered this page after watching your performance in Sense8. It takes a lot of talent to show diversity without being over the top and exaggerating. It takes restraint, thoughtfulness, and real passion for what you do in order to portray a character like Sun Bak. I am almost nothing like your origins, but I felt more connected to your portrayal of Sun than I have of most characters I have ever experienced.

Thank you for your captivating performance. I only wish we could see more of you playing that character. While the show ended on a good note, I'd love to see Sun and Mun (clever naming by the way) kick more bad guys butts! You found a way to make strength look vulnerable, and vulnerability a strength. That is the most human thing of all and I am truly changed for the better having witnessed it. Thank you again for everything! If you're ever working in Michigan I'll be sure to extend whatever hospitality I can muster. Be well!
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