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Doona's favorite "Okonomi-yaki" restaurant in Tokyo 2014-09-15 18:57   hanada
Hello, Doona-san and dear friends.

Doona-san, have you remember that you have gone to “Okonomi-yaki” restaurant and sweet potato shop when you have released your photo book “Tokyo”? I went there and enjoyed “Monja-yaki” after a long interval. This restaurant “Kitayoshi” is still popular with many guest from other countries, include Korea. I’m sure that you like “Okonomi-yaki” and sweet potato so much. By all means please come to Japan again. The atmosphere of there as follows.


By the way, we are waiting for opening “Dohi” in Japan. I can’t wait it, but I’m proud that you try to play the difficult and serious thema sincerely. Whenever you challenge to various work, we support for you from Japan.
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